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Monitoring is a process for testing the performance and availability of a website, service or server in real time so as to know whether or not your website, service or server is accessible and is functional for your visitors. When a problem is detected (specific error code, unavailability of the website, service or server, high loading time, problem accessing the domain name, etc.) an alert is sent in different forms, it can be a alert by e-mail, SMS, Twitter messaging or even be called back by our agents 24/7… Each incident is accounted for in order to be able to produce statistics, detailed reports concerning the various problems so as to know the availability rate of the site, the service or the server, for example.

Using monitoring tools for your site, service or server is a good thing. Setting it up correctly is another... Our agents are at your side to optimize the installation and configuration of your monitoring. Indeed, MonitoBox is not just a product but a 24/7 human service.

By sending us your "free trial" request, your website will be placed under supervision within 24 hours and for 2 months after validation by us. Email and SMS alerts will therefore be sent to you automatically in the event of an anomaly.

Our agents are at your entire disposal, you can send us a support request at any time, we will process it as soon as possible.

Over time, your website and your email have become strategic tools for your business. Despite the improvement in the overall quality of the infrastructures put in place, these tools are at the mercy of a malfunction, the origin of which can be extremely varied (server, operating system, Internet access, etc.). Their availability and performance may also be affected by uncontrollable and unpredictable elements, viruses, viral attacks, denial of service, delays and other malicious software. You then become invisible and unreachable to your customers and partners, and often, what is the worst for your image and your credibility, is a customer who warns you "I am trying to send you an email, and I receive a message error...". Beyond the direct and indirect impact on your image, these situations can harm your business. WHILE THERE IS A SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE AND ECONOMIC SOLUTION TO AVOID THIS! "MonitoBox".

We offer several payment systems such as payment by credit card or bank transfer.

You can request a refund, we treat it with care, however this has never happened to us to date and we are proud and honored.

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