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24/7 Website, Service & Server Monitoring Operation Center

Alerts and incidents 24/7 Fully customizable alerts are available for all controls and measurements. If an alert is triggered, an incident will be created and you will be notified instantly. Incidents are closed automatically if the problem is handled by one of our agents or if the latter resolves itself. Receive notifications by email, SMS or one of our agents will call you directly at the phone number you want.

  • Website Monitoring
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  • Twitter DM notification
  • 24/7 dedicated agent

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We Offer Our Service As More Than 30,000 Satisfied Customers & Partners Since 2001

Use MonitoBox to monitor and check the status of a website, the loading time of a service and check whether a server or specific string is present or not.


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Server monitoring

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All-in-one Website, Service & Server Monitoring

Using checks monitors you can check the status of the following service types:


Used to monitor the status of a TCP/UDP service like FTP, HTTP, SMTP services, etc.

IP Blacklist

Monitor if an IP address is blacklisted on the most common email blacklists.

ICMP (Ping)

Monitor if a host is alive using the basic ping command, PHP's exec function must be allowed in order for this to work.


Monitor a DNS server for a response, you can use to monitor if the specified DNS server responds correctly.

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Founded by two brothers who have been passionate about IT since they were young. MonitoBox was first developed to meet personal needs, then after being joined by their brother-in-law and later by the CEO's best friend, in other words it's a real family story... After some times of reflection and hard work, the team decided to develop and implement commercially more widely in order to be able to offer our tool and our services to a wider range of customers and partners internationally.

Find out who we are and do not hesitate to contact us if you want to join our team we are always looking for new talents

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